Welcome to My Tea Party

Hello friends….

My name is Prita Ghozie and this is my personal blog.Β This blog will tell you stories about my journey as a mum of two, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a financial planner. As a financial planner, I always believe that money can’t buy us happiness, but with money we can have a better quality of life. If you practice financial planning, being rich is not the ultimate goal. Having a good planning means you will a balanced, structured, and controlled financials. If you have control of your financials, you will have control over your own life!

As a tea-addict, I enjoy a sip of good tea every morning to boost up my day. My writings are my cups of tea. All of you are invited to join my tea party and hope you’ll have some sweet and useful financial planning ideas for your life.

Have a cup of my financial tea and enjoy….

Live a Beautiful Life,

Prita Ghozie

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Tea Party

  1. Hi mbak Prita,

    Nama saya Valencia Arifin.Saya adalah seorang desainer dan pengusaha muda.Saya ingin sekali berkonsultasi dengan Mbak Prita mengenai keuangan dan apakah saya sudah dijalur yang benar.Karena saya ada dua pilihan dari orang tua.Mau membuka butik ataukah saya harus mengambil beasiswa di Italia.Terimakasih dan saya tunggu kabarnya

    Best regards,

    Valencia Arifin

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